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From The Desk of President

      Being the President of GSPM I would like to share my message… Initiating a school in the remote corner of Maharashtra was a herculean task which was taken up by Adv. Vitthalrao Dhote, Madhukarrao Kalshikar,and Late Ramchandra Gore . The school is a temple where life skill, knowledge, discipline, punctuality and employment ability are nurtured. It is such a home where students and teachers bind relation with perfect harmony. It is not that only students learn but teachers also undergo the learning process. It is not that only teachers teach but students also undergo the process of teaching to other students. Some places we have visited may be forgotten. But the school is such a place (in our life) which we never forget. In ancient time students had to live at “Gurukul” teacher’s home to learn the various skill. In the course of time the idea of schooling got changed. Now the students and teachers have to go to a place where they can engage themselves in the teaching-learning process. We the Gadchandur Shikshan Prasarak Mandal Gadchandur have honour to provide such a place as Mahatma Gandhi Vidhyalaya and Jr. College at Gadchandur, Maharashtra. We didn’t stop here. To cope up with modern schooling facility we developed the infrastructure. We stress on quality which essentially attract quantity. When I took over as the President of GSPM in 2011. I got to know that the school has 54 class sections and the entire strength of students is around 3025. When I shared this information with my MLA friend, he surprisingly asked ‘Is it a one school? This seems to be seven schools.’ These days Marathi Medium Schools are searching for students but for our school parents queue up to enroll. To get this status our management directors, the Principal, Asst. Headmaster and the staffers have been working hard enough. Best wishes to the teaching and learning community.

Gadchandur Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Gadchandur the brain child of Adv. Vitthalrao Dhote Ex. MLA and Shri Madhukarrao Kalshikar came into existence with the prime motto to impart education in the rural areas of the then Rajura Tahsil adjoining A.P. It was formed in 1969. The area was alienated from the main walk of life having no educational and transport facilities. The very thought of opening a school here was awesome. The honourable members of the GSPM lay foundation of their first academic offspring on the auspicious occasion of Gandhi Jayanti 2nd October 1969. The school was named after the apostle of non-violence and peace Mahatma Gandhi as Mahatma Gandhi Vidyalaya , Gadchandur. The little sapling has taken the shape of gorgeous tree having 6 institutes. The rich history of the institutes carried its imprint in the present. The GSPM’s President Hon Subhashbhau Dhote (MLA), the secretary Hon. Prof. Dr. Anilrao Chitade, The Joint Secretary Dhananjay Gore and the Hon. Directors have been taking toil to develop the infrastructure to furnish quality education.

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